How We Hunt
Serving the Building Industry (for lunch?)
Whether you are a corporate giant meeting quarter-end goals or the small independent in town, you have at least one thing in common; the need for talented individuals who share your company's philosophy and goals. Cannibal Central's seasoned team recognizes that's where the similarities end. We fully understand that in an industry so driven by the bottom line, each company and each position is unique.
We structure our fees based upon your needs. We offer a "Contingency" Agreement per industry standards. However, many of our clients prefer a "Container" Agreement. This allows us to concentrate all our efforts on finding you the perfect candidate. You have one source shopping with more quality control. Our fees are a percentage of the candidate's first year compensation (base pay). Payment is upon successful placement of candidate. All our searches include a replacement guarantee.
Filling the void in your organization is the highest and best use of our time, not yours. That's why we are committed to learning about your specific needs, wants and desires. Our experienced recruiters and researchers leave no stone unturned as we seek out passive and active candidates alike. Our searches include the following services:
Candidate Market Analysis
Compensation Trends
Client Driven Search
Internet Exposure
Detailed Position Profile
Industry Exposure
Reference Checking

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